Guarantee and Warranty

Clutch Kits

Guarantee / Returns

Fit must be carried out by an accredited fitment centre e.g. RMI accreditation

Passenger Vehicles – 12 Months / Unlimited KM’s

Warranty Exclusions

  1. Mishandling during transport and storage
  2. Failure to re-machine single mass flywheels to manufacturer standards
  3. Failure to replace single & mass dual flywheels where this is specifically recommended or required.
  4. Incorrect Fitment
  5. Failure to identify and repair other vehicle faults which may affect correct operation
  6. Failure to use the correct kit as supplied
  7. Incorrect Driving Practice
  8. Fitment to incorrect or unauthorized vehicle applications
  9. Any fitment to a vehicle which has been converted in any way to enhance performance, including but not limited to “chipping”.
  10. Any motorsport or competitive use
  11. Fitment by an unqualified technician or mechanic.